My name is Ulrica and I’m the person behind Ululiswardrobe. My passion is to sew and going to thrift stores, with Ululiswardrobe I can combine the two. All my products are made from upcycled material; embroideries, table runners, kitchen towels, duvets, scarfs, tweed jackets and other clothes or any fabric I find fun or beautiful.

My ambition is that as much as possible of the material going into my products should be upcycled, from the fabric I use to the zippers, thread, buttons, and ribbons. I primarily sew purses, pencil cases, and bags but also some children’s clothing and clothes for dolls. The fun thing with working with upcycled material is that the material many times inspires me to make new type of things.

It is almost like the fabrics tells my what it would like to be in their second life.

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