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Our journey started in 2019 when we started to plan for the premier of our outside design market at Liljeholmshamnen.

In 2020 we had to put to those plans on hold due to covid .  Since makers could not attend any live markets, we got busy and started our own “online market ” concept on Instagram . There we showcased makers and designers and gave them a palce to be seen during  this time.

Finally in the fall of 2021 we did have our long awaited premier of our outdoor market at Liljeholmshamnen and continued to be there all of 2022.

In 2023 we decided we wqnted to find an indoor venue and thats is when we started our collaboration with Wintervikens Kafe & restaurant. We had our markets in the beautiful upstairs event area and it was a big sucess. . We are still organising ma

rkets at Winterviken and this year , in 2o24 ,we are branching out and trying new exciting venues .So far this year we have ahad a smaller Design market at Mariatorget at St Pauls Kryka June 8 , and are planioing a Mega Design Market at Stadsgårdsterminalen at Slussen on Aug 31- Sep 1.

We are slo very proud of our Makers Community called The makers Side , and encourage everyone to join as a free member!  Becoming a free memnber means you get tfirst access to the market and evetns calendar and be the first to apply to our markets .

Look forward to connecting with you in 2024 and do great things together.

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Founder & OWNER

Dixie Thomas

I’m an American who has been living in Sweden for 25 years now. It’s been a dream of mine to create a community and marketplace where local makers, designers and small creative businesses can showcase their handmade and sustainable products . I love connecting people, and to create a sense  of community where we can all thrive together!

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Our team is really small at the moment , well basically it’s just me! 

I am currently looking for some great people to come onboard . I

f you are interested in being a part of developing a community and marketplace for makers and designers then send me an email  and let’s talk.



Are you a maker, designer, artist, or crafts person? Looking for a community of like-minded individuals to inspire and motivate you to reach your goals? Look no further! We have created a network of talented individuals just like you, where we come together to share ideas, collaborate, and support each other on our creative journeys. Whether you’re looking for feedback on your latest project or seeking inspiration for your next masterpiece, our community is here for you. Join us and be a part of a network that fosters creativity and empowers individuals to achieve their dreams. See you there!

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