Market Info

What to expect as a maker joining the Makers Julmarknad at Winterviken

 November  18-19 & December  2.3

Anyone can apply , We love makers , designers , artists, re-designers , up cyclers, craftspeople and more. If you love creating ,making or  designing quality unique product then this is for you . 

You don’t have to have. company to join . We welcome you on whatever stage of your creating you are at. When we say brand , that means for us that you have a story or a feeling connected o your products , that is what your brand is . You can be a professional brand or an amateur hobbyist . Either way we love it when we can get the feeling of who you are , your brand .

All spots include a table and a chair . Morning coffee is included on both days of the market between 9-11

You also the opportunity to have your presentation showcased on our social media and website before the market .


The market is an indoor market event held at Winervikens Kafe -Restaurang -Festvåninng . This is a beautiful historical building that used to be the dynamite factory of Alfred Nobel . 

The adress is Vinterviksvägen 60  /subway Aspudden 

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Winterviken is open for customers between 11-16

The closest parking area is reserved for customers only . The nearest parking spit for makers is about a 10 min walk form the venue . Please allow enough time in your schedule to be able to park and then walk back .

You can start setting up the day of the market starting form 8:30 . You spot must be ready by 10:45 .  You can leave your things overnight between sat- Sunday in the room

You also have th3 opportunity to drop off your things on Friday , the day before he market between 13-16. Thesis drop off only , no setting up .

The last day of the market , at the end of the day , you must clean your area, fold your table and chair and place agains the nearest wall .

  1.  the room has natural and overhead lighting, but he room cis quite big , so you need to consider bring a clamp light to have on your table for additional light on your products
  2. It is not allowed to sell any food or fika at your table. ( Winterviken has its own restaurant )
  3. There are electrical sockets near all tables , but make sure to bring an extra long cord incase your are not so close to one.
  4. The building is old and historical , no tape is allo3d tone place in the wood floors ,and if you have a spot with a brick wall behind you , you can only hand lift items with kludd or tape .
  5. Mostof our customers use Swish , and don’t normally ask for receipts . It is required that each maker has with them a way to provide a  customer with a receipt if they ask . Since people are shopping for gifts the may ask you for a receipt so be prepared with a written receipt or one that you can  send through email .
  6. It is required that you cover your table with a cloth that covers the front and sides of your table , so that none of your supplies are visible for the customers . 

Our passion is to build a strong community that supports each other. We expect you to be engaged and participate on social media during the market .