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About me:
Jochen Lavéno Mangelsdorff is both a design studio and brand. Jochen works in an experimental and visionary sense of mind and the design idiom often is based on graphic geometric expressions. He often involves physics and art to achieve a visual expression.
The collections are produced in a small-scale way as locally as possible with an environmentally friendly viewpoint in the production. Jochen also design for and collaborates with other brands.
With a background as an Industrial designer in the tech industry, craft, and art. Jochen have both the technical as well as artistic knowledge on how to merge these fields together.
Jochens vision and goal is to develop and create designs that is in the cross section of engineering, design, and art. The construction, form, material, finish, refraction index and colour should interplay and achieve a visual and surprising experience.


The two-sided Spegla is an interior object that works both as a mirror and a candle holder. The circular glass sheet reflects the light of the room when the candle isn’t lit. While the candle is burning, the glass sheet transmits the light through the glass in a fascinating way. The glass block is a 9K crystal glass and the glass sheet is semi-opaque and water jet cuted in Sweden.


Ø: 25 cm, H: 28 cm, D: 6 cm

Price: 2 250 SEK Market Price: 1990 SEK



Sfär is a tealight holder composed of three parts. A two-part spherical shape in porcelain with a water-cut sheet of glass in between. The spherical shapes are made in a Swedish porcelain factory in Lidköping. The matte outer edge refracts the light and forms the glowing circular halo path that is characteristic and iconic for the candle holder. The effect becomes graphically strong in several angles and appears different depending on the surrounding light.

Sfär comes in five different version. Two rough matt glazes in the colors Red Soil and Dark Night. One natural porcelain color with a matt natural soda treatment over, the color is off-white and is called White Sand. The finish is contrasting the glossy surface of the glass. Two special developed shiny multicolor glazes, Midnight Blue and Ocean Blue for a more dominant approach.


Ø: 15,5 cm, H: 8,4 cm

Price: 1 150 SEK Market price: 990 SEK


Perform is a metal candle holder in two parts. A solid CNC-milled base in aluminium and a steel tube with perforated holes.

The result is a strong graphic shape from several angles and becomes visually effectful when the candle is lit. The light transmits through the perforated holes, as well as the inner wall is glowing with a dotted pattern from the perforated holes.

Perform comes in both silver and black. The base is anodized in black and nature while the perforated tubes are powder coated in black and nickel-plated.

Dimensions: width 9 cm hight 6.7 cm

Price: 1 150 SEK Market price: 990 SEK

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