Joanna Sprada Illustrations

About me:
My name is Joanna. I’m originally Polish but now I’m living in Sweden. I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, and animator. I love creativity, trying new things and seeing what possibilities they can give me. In my work it is clearly visible that I like to experiment with different techniques. Mostly my work is made digitally but last time I’m trying out some traditional techniques.


It’s a limited edition of a unique playing card with my own design. The cards have an animalistic illustration with a little dose of abstraction.

paper 350g + matt foil – they are not waterproof
The box contains 54 cards +1 (blank)
Every box is signed by me. (400SEK)

Christmas cards


Paper 280g
size: A6
1 piece 20sek
Pack of 3 50 sek


The Green

A poster made in the digital painting technique. The illustration with a bit of abstraction creates a wonderful and calm composition.


Paper 180g
size available: 30x40cm (400SEK) and 50x70cm (500SEK)

The dopler effect linocut

The poster graphically presents the Doppler effect. The change in wave frequency is shown by simple shapes creating an interesting geometric composition. The poster is made using the linocut technique, so each copy is different and original.


Cold pressed paper 300g
size: 30x40cm (500SEK)

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